We are a body of believers who love God, love people and love the Word. We hope you’ll find your church home here with us.


Sunday School – 9:30am
Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30am
Sunday Evening Worship – 6:00pm

Wednesday Evening Worship – 7:00pm


Whether you are not able to come to service or are just wanting to go back and review a previous message, we invite you to share with us in worship!

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Who Are We?

We Believe

To find out more on what we believe here at Searcy First Assembly of God, click the “learn more” link below to see our stance and why we believe the way we do.

Our Ministries

We have a lot of involved members and great ministries that are offered here at Searcy First Assembly. To learn more or to see how you can fit in, click the link below.

Our Events

Get involved with one of our upcoming events by going to our calendar. We would love to meet your or get to you know you better!

Upcoming Events

december, 2019

01dec9:45 am10:45 amSunday School

01dec10:45 am11:45 amSunday Morning Worship

01dec6:00 pm7:00 pmSunday Evening Worship

03dec(dec 3)9:00 am(dec 3)9:00 amWomen Ministries

03dec(dec 3)6:15 pm(dec 3)6:15 pm101 Community

04dec(dec 4)6:30 pm(dec 4)6:30 pmPrayer

04dec(dec 4)7:00 pm(dec 4)7:00 pmWednesday Evening Worship

05dec(dec 5)6:30 am(dec 5)6:30 amPrayer

06dec(dec 6)6:30 pm(dec 6)6:30 pmNativity

07dec(dec 7)5:30 pm(dec 7)5:30 pmNativity

08dec(dec 8)9:45 am(dec 8)9:45 amSunday School

08dec(dec 8)10:45 am(dec 8)10:45 amSunday Morning Worship

08dec(dec 8)5:30 pm(dec 8)5:30 pmNativity

08dec(dec 8)6:00 pm(dec 8)6:00 pmSunday Evening Worship

10dec(dec 10)9:00 am(dec 10)9:00 amWomen Ministries

10dec(dec 10)6:15 pm(dec 10)6:15 pm101 Community

11dec(dec 11)6:30 pm(dec 11)6:30 pmPrayer

11dec(dec 11)7:00 pm(dec 11)7:00 pmWednesday Evening Worship

12dec(dec 12)6:30 am(dec 12)6:30 amPrayer

13dec(dec 13)6:30 pm(dec 13)6:30 pmNativity

14dec(dec 14)5:30 pm(dec 14)5:30 pmNativity

15dec(dec 15)9:45 am(dec 15)9:45 amSunday School

15dec(dec 15)10:45 am(dec 15)10:45 amSunday Morning Worship

15dec(dec 15)5:30 pm(dec 15)5:30 pmNativity

15dec(dec 15)6:00 pm(dec 15)6:00 pmSunday Evening Worship

17dec(dec 17)9:00 am(dec 17)9:00 amWomen Ministries

17dec(dec 17)6:15 pm(dec 17)6:15 pm101 Community

18dec(dec 18)6:30 pm(dec 18)6:30 pmPrayer

18dec(dec 18)7:00 pm(dec 18)7:00 pmWednesday Evening Worship

19dec(dec 19)6:30 am(dec 19)6:30 amPrayer

22dec(dec 22)9:45 am(dec 22)9:45 amSunday School

22dec(dec 22)10:45 am(dec 22)10:45 amSunday Morning Worship

22dec(dec 22)6:00 pm(dec 22)6:00 pmSunday Evening Worship

24dec(dec 24)9:00 am(dec 24)9:00 amWomen Ministries

24dec(dec 24)6:15 pm(dec 24)6:15 pm101 Community

25dec(dec 25)6:30 pm(dec 25)6:30 pmPrayer

25dec(dec 25)7:00 pm(dec 25)7:00 pmWednesday Evening Worship

26dec(dec 26)6:30 am(dec 26)6:30 amPrayer

29dec(dec 29)9:45 am(dec 29)9:45 amSunday School

29dec(dec 29)10:45 am(dec 29)10:45 amSunday Morning Worship

29dec(dec 29)6:00 pm(dec 29)6:00 pmSunday Evening Worship

31dec(dec 31)9:00 am(dec 31)9:00 amWomen Ministries

31dec(dec 31)6:15 pm(dec 31)6:15 pm101 Community

The 2018 Season of Living Nativity will be here soon!

Check back for Nativity dates for CHRISTMAS 2018!